The founders of the project are avid sailors sailing mainly traditional gaff rigged boats. It was during the winter maintenance of one of these that a piece of rot was found in the Gaff Jaws.

These needed a small piece of Oak to be laid in, replacing the rotten timber. Not much needed, just a piece about a foot and a half long.

Having exhausted many avenues of finding oak at a reasonable price and in small quantities, Andrew stumbled upon a Community Wood Recycling Project. They had just the piece that he was after an offcut of Oak and at a really cheap price.

This inspired the setting up of a Community Wood Recycling Project in Southampton, an area that is currently unserved by such projects. And henceforth here is Southampton Wood Recycling Project, which opened its doors in January 2013 at an open yard in Totton:

In July 2013, we moved into our first permanent yard at Market Place, Southampton, and were blessed with such luxuries as a roof, toilets and electricity!

In March 2015, we opened our refurbished retail display area, which displays various ideas and items for sale, all the while continuing with our commercial wood waste collection service:

In February 2016, we moved to our new yard in Willments Industrial Estate – and although down the end of a long road, is much larger:


27 volunteers

2,300 volunteering hours

221 Tonnes of wood collected and recycled


42 new volunteers

6,950 volunteering hours

745 Tonnes of wood collected and recycled


29 new volunteers

6,250 volunteering hours

955 Tonnes of wood collected and recycled


31 new volunteers

8,050 volunteering hours

812 Tonnes of wood collected and recycled


41 new volunteers

9,550 volunteering hours

745 Tonnes of wood collected and recycled