Who’s who

Some of our Staff and Volunteers…

Andrew (Director)


He is an avid sailor, that enjoys playing with wood. He likes that wood is timeless, has been used as a material since the dawn of time, and is totally recyclable. Favourite tool is a sharp hand plane, and he has made bowls, boxes, a rowing dinghy and an open canoe out of wood.

Barbara (Volunteer Manager)


She likes walking, gardening and reading – as well as cutting up wood to make things. She is a dab hand at the chop saw, and has made various planters from recycled wood. Her favourite food is homemade chicken burgers, and she has a degree in teaching.

Carl (Collections Manager)


Carl enjoys making things from wood, most recently a cat climbing frame. When not working at the wood project, he does ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ for the government…

Jenny (Volunteer)


She enjoys walking, cooking and reading. As a retired office manager working in the insolvency service, she is often to be found in the Wood Project office. favourite food is Chilli con Carne, and secretly, she enjoys Fly Fishing.

Mark (Volunteer)


He enjoys driving the project vans, and is often out ‘on the road’. About wood, he likes that you can make many things from it and that it is a ‘natural composite’. He has made a bird box out of wood, and previously was a commercial spray painter. He has a funny story about nearly falling in the water early one morning before work…

Peter (H&S Manager)


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Steve (Volunteer)


Steve enjoys spending time with family, but when he is at the wood project he is often out on the road, driving the vans. Although he is deaf, he likes to show that he can do things even though he can’t hear. He has a funny story of when the van was loaded with wood, putting an extra person in the cab made it go overweight…

Anthony (Volunteer)


He is enthusiastic about working with wood and mucking in wherever is needed.

Belinda (Volunteer)


Belinda loves coming to the wood project in her spare time to volunteer, particularly on Saturdays. The feel and smell of the wood she loves, and is looking forward to being able to make things from wood. Her claim to fame is that she was once mentioned in a book, and her funniest story about volunteering was learning what a wood biscuit is…

Clare (HR Support)


She enjoys making things from wood, most recently making a planter. In her spare time she likes to go sailing and whitewater canoeing. Her ‘real’ job is as an Associate Minister in a church near Guildford.

Ellie (Volunteer)


Ellie enjoys making things in her spare time and likes the endless possibilities of things you can make with wood. She has made boxes, wall art, benches and cabinets out of wood. Her experience includes making cocktails…

John (Driver)


When not driving our vans, John enjoys watching films and playing football. He has a City & Guilds qualification in carpentry and has made a display case amongst other wooden items. He likes that you can make lots of things from wood.

Tony (Driver)


Tony enjoys wood because it is ‘just nice’. Apart from sleeping in his spare time, he enjoys volunteering as a steward at various events, chopping up trees with a chain saw and eating waffles. He has made various things from wood, including a shed in which to store firewood.